Thursday, January 18, 2007

Choo Choo Trains (Transferred from an old blog of mine)

Just learning to verbalize what's racing through your mind must be an amazing thing. It's too bad that we don't remember what a rush it is when we're adults. I'm learning every day to appreciate the excitement that comes with it when I listen to Jack, our 2 year old, as HE learns to talk and put his thoughts together. Every night he comes up with something new that he blurts out to Tim and I and we are just amazed at how his world is exploding around him.

Last night's revelation brought the “warm fuzzies” to me - we have a routine at night that we go through when we get home. We walk into the house, coats off, lights on and get settled. Then Mason and I head back to our bedroom so that I can change out of my work clothes and put on something more comfortable for the remainder of our night. Jack will normally follow in tow with toys or trains in hand. As I was changing my clothes Jack comes into the room and says “I need to tell you something Mommy!” I reply “Okay” and bend down to listen. He approaches me, leans closer and whispers “Choo Choo Trains” in my ear. Why..... I have no clue, other than that's the latest fatal fascination in his life, but that was the golden nugget of knowledge that he needed to get out at that moment.

It's things like that are cherished memories that I will share with both Jack and Mason when they grow up. These “warm fuzzy moments” that I will never forget and that reward me everyday as a Mommy.