Friday, October 31, 2008

From the cutest Spiderman and Batman that there ever were!
Check back for more pictures of our adventures Trick or Treating!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Okay so I'm a day behind. I forgot to post yesterday due to the fact that I was a bit under the weather so here it is...

1 – Do you like the new look of my blog? I’ve been looking for something more exciting than the plain white background but something that matches my cute header that my friend Amanda (BLOG SAVY) did for me, and this is what I found. Let me know what you think.

2 – Tonight I’m going to attempt to carve a pumpkin with the boys for the first time. Normally I have just done it while they were napping or at school and surprised them with it but figured I’d give it a try this year. I always remember carving our pumpkin with my Dad in the driveway when we were kids. He was a MASTER Pumpkin Carver (if there is such a thing) and always gave our pumpkins the best faces in the neighborhood. We have FOUR pumpkins to do this year so I figured I’d knock one off tonight with the boys and then surprise them with the other three on Friday when I’m home taking the day off.

3 – My cold from last week is still hanging on. I broke down yesterday and went to the Dr and got an antibiotic to kill it. She said it was a sinus infection so hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon.

4 – We now have a new favorite TV show in our house. It used to be Wipeout, but since that’s over for the summer and we’re just watching DVRd episodes, it’s becoming a big boring. The boys now enjoy watching Deal or No Deal (or No Deal No Deal to Mason) so I’ve started DVRing episodes to watch before bedtime with them. Hey… least it’s a game show and not some mindless program! Maybe it’s the pretty ladies that they like.

5 – Sunday we are headed to A Day Out With Thomas and I can’t wait!!! We really haven’t talked too much about it with the boys yet. With Halloween and all, their focus right now is on Friday nights events – First things first but check back for pictures – you know there will be a lot of them!

6 – Fall is here in St. Louis. Our colors have really turned and it’s been very cold here the past two mornings. So cold that I’ve had to go out and defrost my car since I’ve been banished to the driveway with all of the drywall and appliances that are living in the garage now during our “project”.

7 – Have you bought your Halloween candy yet? I haven’t! I’m one of that people who wait until Halloween day and then goes and buys the stuff on sale. What’s the point of buying candy a month in advance? It’s not like there’s going to be a candy shortage or something!

8 – Hank and Tricia are still PATIENTLY waiting for their final approvals so they can go get Sophie. I can’t imagine how hard it is to wake up each morning and wonder… there an email to open or not. How cool would it be for them to get it on Friday – first a Father’s Day Present (when they were matched with Sophie) and then a Halloween Treat – Holiday’s could begin to have special meaning for them. Please keep your fingers crossed that that’s the case

9 – Woo Hoo gas prices in St. Louis are down to $2.29 a gallon! Makes going to the gas station not so painful anymore.

10 – Come back on Friday to see our Happy Halloween from the boys! It’s a cute one (think Super Heroes).

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Happiest Birthday Boy EVER!

As we were driving home from dinner Saturday night we heard this little voice say "Mommy, you made me the happiest birthday boy EVER! When you win a race, I will give you a trophy!" - I swear I wanted to cry because it was totally unsolicited and on his own. Tim will even vouch for me that he said it.

Saturday morning, we had Jack's 4th birthday party at West County EMS Station #1. I had set it up with them back in August and the day was finally here. Jack and Mason were so excited to go to the "Fireman's House" and see the firetrucks. We hosted 7 other children from Jack's class at school as well as the parents that came with them and a few family members who we didn't want to leave out on the celebration. It was WONDERFUL! We even got to see the guys in action as they got a call to head out not 5 minutes into our "tour" with FF Pat Petroff (the kids loved to see the fire engine and ambulance head out with their lights and sirens blaring).

During the time that the guys were out on their call, we filled the time enjoying birthday cake and ice cream. We had SO MUCH LEFT OVER that we left 2/3 of a full sheet cake behind for the guys to enjoy as a "thank you".

After cake and ice cream, and when Pat had returned from his call, we were given a tour of the Station. The kids got to see the TV Room with all of it's comfy recliners, the weight room where the Fire Fighters and Paramedics stay fit and their sleeping quarters. The highlight of the tour was being able to see the Fire Truck and learning all about what's kept on it and how they use all of their equipment to save people and put out the fires. The kids all took turn climbing up and inside the truck and then got to sit up in the drivers seat and get a birds eye view of the world from a FUTURE Fire Fighter's perspective.

At the end of our tour, Battalion Chief Ray White, asked Jack if he wanted to help him drive the truck out of the bay and out front to turn on the lights and sirens, which Jack promptly responded "No!" (what a great time to pull the shy act - huh!). Mason also declined so Jack's best friend Aiden was the lucky one to help Chief White drive the truck out. But then all the kids (minus Jack and Mason who weren't interested) were able to honk the horn on the Fire Truck.

I have to say that Saturday was one of those days that Jack and Mason might not remember as they get older, but that Tim and I definately will. The smile on Jack's face, Mason's wide open eyes and Jack waving of his hands in excitement as he blew out his candles on his cake were something that will be ingrained in my memory FOREVER. That and the comment of "Mommy, You made me the HAPPIEST birthday boy ever!".

Do They Have Rythm....Or Not?

Jack got a new car for his Birthday from a friend and it plays "Hot Rod Music". They boys were having a blast dancing to it. I couldn't help myself but to record them to show them later when they get older. They have a sense of rhythm like their's not good.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 On Tuesday

1 - Yesterday was Jack's Birthday. Tim and I decided this weekend that we'd celebrate as a family on Sunday so we could give him time to open his presents, enjoy playing with them and not have to rush out the door on a school day. I am SOOO glad that we did that b/c when I got home last night with the boys Tim was KNEE DEEP in a plumbing nightmare with our remodel project and was working on that until 9pm! The boys and I went to McDonald's for dinner and then spent the evening putting together Jack's new Geotrax from his Aunt Diehnee and her clan and then read his new books Bear Feels Sick and Duck at the Door from his Bear and Belle. Tonight, we're breaking out the Razor Scooter from Moots and Big Top! Eeek!

2 - I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and I can tell that it's turning into a cold. ARGH! I CAN'T GET SICK!!! Jack's Birthday party is this Saturday! We're throwing it at our local EMS Station and we're all excited about it. Right now we will have 9 children and about 12 adults there! I don't want to be sick!!! I ran to Walgreens and got some Zicam to start using. Tim and my Mom swear by the stuff, I'm a bit skeptical but I'll try anything this week to NOT get sick.

3 - My 40th Birthday came and went and was wonderful! It was a beautiful day! I walked into our breakfast room to a dozen red roses from Tim and the BEST BIRTHDAY present that he could have ever given to me! He had a sterling silver pendant made for me that matches the tattoo that I got on Friday! Yes, conservative Libby got a Tattoo!! The design is a Celtic Motherhood Knot with two circles in the center representing the boys. I love it! Getting the tattoo wasn't nearly as horrible as people make it out to be and NO you don't get to see a picture of the actual tattoo, sorry!

4 - Today is only TUESDAY! Seems like I've worked a full week already and it's only Tuesday! I have a feeling that it's gonna be a looooong week.

5 - I am getting so anxious for my brother and sister in law. They are PATIENTLY waiting to hear about their approval on the final steps of the adoption process to bring home their precious daughter, Sophie, from Vietnam. We're all hoping that they get their approvals in the next week or so and will be headed overseas the beginning of November and have Sophie home by Thanksgiving. How cool would that be?

6 - My oldest niece, Sarah, turned 17 on Saturday and got her Drivers License yesterday. YIKES! That makes ME feel old as I was there when she was born and feel like it was just yesterday. Sarah, be safe out there!

7 - Look at those smiles
8 - How many more shopping days are there until Christmas? I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas yet!

9 - I hope tonight goes smoother than last night. The boys were at each others throats about playing with Jack's new toys and it sucked. Mason doesn't quite understand why HE didn't' get presents like Jack did and was very upset about it. Jack would share for a bit and then take them back from Mason which would NOT go over very well.

10 - I still need to go shop for the paper goods for Jack's party and the party favors for his friends. AND order the cake! Guess I better do that soon huh?

Happy Tuesday!

The World Will Be A Better Place Now

Because there's a new Superhero in town and his name is.....SUPER JACK! Thanks to Superflykidz, Jack now has his OWN Superhero cape and mask! He's one sharp looking Superhero! He can come rescue me any time!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Trip To Find The Great Pumpkin

We made our annual trek to Rombach's Pumpkin Farm in Chesterfield Valley yesterday morning to find our Pumpkins. It was a crisp and cool Fall morning and a perfect day for our visit. The boys had a great time and found JUST THE RIGHT pumpkins for our front porch (and for Mommy to carve). But a trip to the Pumpkin Patch wouldn't be the same without a FUNNEL CAKE! Mason LOVES anything sweet - this year he shared it though. And last but not least - pumking hopping!

Happy Birthday To You!

My how you've changed in 4 short years! From a helpless, beautiful baby to a very loving and intelligent little boy. Jack Henry, I love you more than words can EVER explain. Happy Birthday, sweetie! I love you! - Mommy

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!'s here! THE BIG FOUR - OH! The day that I have NOT been looking forward to at all! Turning 30 was not a big deal for me. I loved turning 30! I remember it like it was yesterday, celebrating with a dinner with my Grandparents, Mom & Stepfather, brother, and Tim at a local restaurant called Annie Gunns and having a great time.

To me.....30 was the begninning of a great part of my life. I have had three VERY MEMORABLE moments in my 30's, as well as a few that I'd like to forget about (or not ever have to relive) but getting married and having my two babies in my 30's were the highlights of my life (so far)!

So, now I begin another decade and another chapter of my life. One that at one point in my life, I thought made someone seem SO OLD to me. (I remember when my Mom turned 40 and thought that she was old. Heck, I was 13! Everyone seems old at that point in your life don't they?) But now I look at myself as a member of the 40-something bracket and have to say "I'm not old! Look at me! I have TWO young children and have LOTS left to do in my lifetime. I've just lost 35 lbs and I think I look pretty darn good!" (if I do say so myself!) So, I look at it this way.....I'm going to try to embrace this change in BOTH of the numbers that represent my age as a POSITIVE thing and not a negative. A change that will make me look forward with anticipation to what's to come in my life and not look back and long for the past.

Happy Birthday To Me!

P.S. If you're wondering.....I'm taking the day off and spending it being good to myself. I'm going to get a pedicure, enjoying some quiet ME time just have fun....maybe I'll go shopping and buy something as a treat to myself and then I'm going to enjoy a very special dinner at Sidney Street Cafe with Tim, my brother Hank and his wonderful wife Tricia, and my very best friend Betsy and her husband Kevin. long to my 30's and here's to my next decade and the other's to come as well. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 On Tuesday

I’ve been inspired by my friend Sandra Krauss (Mom2Cam….Wife2Ger) to start a 10 on Tuesday weekly blog post. Basically, 10 random thoughts that come to mind as I’m composing my post. Let’s see how well I can do this for my first 10 on Tuesday.

1 – Today is my Monday b/c I stayed home with the boys to have an extra “Stay Home Day” as we call them (it was Columbus Day and a school holiday for them). We spent the morning at the Dentist for Jack’s 6-month checkup (that went over like a lead balloon) and then went to the Mall to do a couple of errands, play and have lunch at Subway. It was just one of our typical days out. Good quality fun for the three of us (Daddy unfortunately had to work).

2 – I had a nice weekend this weekend with my Mom in town. She was visiting for Tricia’s “Sophie Shower” that one of Tricia’s good friends and I threw. I think it was a success and Tricia seemed to enjoy herself. Thanks Mom for my early Birthday present. It’s special and something I will treasure forever! I LOVE YOU!

3 – I have 3 days left to enjoy my 30’s before I start a new decade of my life. I’m excited about it (just because I love Birthdays) but am not at the same time because 40 still sounds OLD to me. (Sorry if you are over 40 and reading this).

4 – Today has been a cool and gloomy day. It’s been hard to get motivated to work and I’m just looking forward to leaving and picking up the boys from school.

5 – This morning Mason was walking around the kitchen with his cell phone to his ear. I asked him who he was going to call and expected a “Daddy” or something and instead he said “I calling Aunt Diehnee!”. My sister is so wonderful to my boys. She is always wonderful to send us hand-me-down clothes and DVDs that her youngest son has out-grown. Mason LOVES it when Aunt Diehnee sends them surprises in the mail.

6 – I need to get my Drivers License renewed before Friday when it expires! Eeek! I have to provide a whole LIST of things (Passport, Social Security Card, Proof of residence) in order to renew and joke that I have to even take Jack with me (you know…. your first born child). Its nuts! But the picture on my license is from 2002 and it has our OLD address on it as well so it’s time to get it updated anyway.

7 – I’m wondering what Tim got accomplished at the house today. Friday I came home to brick back up on the back of the house thanks to the Mason who came and Tim had framed out most of the walls in the new kitchen so we made a bit of forward progress again. I’m just so ready to get our project finished so that we can get things back to normal and I can quit nagging Tim about it.

8 – I’m debating what color to have my toenails painted on Friday morning when I go for my fancy pedicure. Red….French…..something funky? I can’t decide!

9 – I went out for lunch today with my friend Karen. Today is HER Birthday and since our Birthdays are so close together, we do a dual Birthday lunch. Today was her treat since my milestone Birthday – we went to Red Robin and had a yummy lunch! Thanks, Karen for the treat – Happy Birthday to you again!

10 – We celebrate a lot of Birthdays in October, which is kinda fun! Here’s a quick Happy Birthday Shout-out to a few others who have had or will be having a Birthday this month. Scott Riley, Hallie Lueking, Sarah Gagnon (getting her "wheels"), Jack Riley (can’t believe my first baby will be FOUR!), Gigi Randick, Storm Carl (who's also turning the BIG 40!), Kerry Carl (you still have one more year Girlfrield), and Marilyn Riley.

Monday, October 13, 2008

When Grandmother's Attack

This is what happens when a 2 1/2 year old inquires as to what lipstick is, when Grandmother says "Do you want some?" and the response back to her is "Yes"....Tim just shook his head at what the result was.

It's not quite his color.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Memory Of ...

David W. House
5/4/1945 - 10/6/2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

They Do Love Each Other

It's pictures like this one that makes me love the fact that they are so close in age. They will be best friends for ever. Now sometimes they act as though they want to kill each other but most of the time, they're just buddies.