Saturday, September 22, 2007

Golden Delicious

Today was Summer's last hurrah before the first day of Fall tomorrow. We decided to celebrate by taking a trip out to Eckert's Milstadt Orchard for some apple picking. "Bear" was in town so he was able to come with us before he headed back home to Mississippi.

First we visited some of the animals in the petting zoo and fed them some yummy food. Jack and Mason weren't too sure about feeding them but they loved seeing the animals. There were 4 horned sheep, a Mommy antelope of some sort and a baby who was busy nursing, 2 camels, some donkeys and a cow!

Then it was up into the tractor wagon for a trip out to the orchards. We went to the Golden Delicious apples because there were still lots of them and they need to be picked soon. Jack and Mason LOVED picking the apples and putting them into our bags. Daddy, Jack and Bear even sampled some of the apples that we picked. They were YUMMY! After we were finished picking our apples we got back into the wagon and headed back to the Fun Farm.

We said goodbye to Bear and then headed into the Fun Farm to see what was all there. We saw ponies, but didn't want to ride them, and instead found ourselves an ice cream store! We took a break and had a snack of ice cream (before lunch)! It was so delicious and cooled us off.

We had such a good time! It was so much fun to pick our own apples. Now we have apples for snack for weeks! Jack and Mason are going to take some to their teachers at school and we even sent Bear home with some for Belle.


mommabelz said...

Jack looks like joe cool

Storm & KM said...

I LOVE apple picking!!! That is one of my favorite childhood memories! The pictures are darling. I can almost taste those apples. And yes, you are right...I would have never posted that newspaper picture of me! It is hideous. :) Hugs and Kisses for the boys. Love, Kerry