Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Growing Like Weeds

Just to brag on the boys a bit we had their 3 year and 18 month checkups today. Here are their stats:

Jack is 36 3/4" tall (35th %ile) and is 31 lbs (45th %ile)
Mason is 32 1/2" tall (80th %ile) and 24lbs 12.5 oz (35th %ile)

Mason grew 2 inches in 3 months and put on 2 lbs!!! Tim and I hope he doesn't keep up at that rate or we'll be in trouble. We didn't have an 18 month appt for Jack so we can't compare them at the same age but so far they've been pretty close as far as size although Mason LOOKS like he is so much bigger than Jack was at the same age.

Their asthma is now considered mild (yea!!!) b/c neither of them have had to have nebulizer treatments in awhile (Jack since March and Mason since June). We're hoping for a relatively healthy winter and nothing major when it comes to asthma. Their lungs sounded GREAT and their ears were all clear! They have both gotten their flu shots b/c they ARE condsidered high risk b/c of their asthma so hopefully that will do us some good even though we had them last year too and look where that got us - sick all winter long! ARGH!

But ....we have two healthy boys! We couldn't ask for more.

Oh...........and 1 Hep A shot each - which Jack informed Tim and I that "he did not want his" after he had gotten it and screamed bloody murder. Mason takes them like a MAN - he wimpers and then that's it.