Sunday, September 14, 2008

YIKES! It's Ike!

Being born and raised in the confines of the midwest, I have never had to experience a hurricane other than the "remnants" like we are having this morning. Tropical storm Ike made his arrival late last night and we woke up to severe weather this morning that was amazing! I can't even imagine what it would be like to have been in Galveston or Houston when this thing came ashore! The wind and rain that we've had was incredible! Thankfully, it's a short lived storm as he'll be gone by lunchtime (or so they are saying).

This little guy was taking shelter on the chaise on our front porch. He was the smart one but looked scared to death!

The water RUSHING down the incline in our backyard. Affectionately named "The River Riley"; this is what happens whenever we have a bad rainstorm as the neighbors yard can't handle the anount of water that comes through it and it ends up in our yard.

The cover from our skylight that got blown off the roof and broke. Thankfully the skylight itself is still intact and it it's place - we're replacing it anyway during our remodel project.

The water rushing down our driveway and also out of the drain pipe from our neighbors yard - it looks like a water-main break when it's raining this hard