Thursday, December 10, 2009

3rd Annual Holiday Construction!

Another one of my favorite traditions that I have started with the boys during the holidays is making a gingerbread house. Our first year it was more of ME making it and the boys watching because they were just too young to "Get it". Now it's different.

This year, the "Mommy when are we going to make a gingerbread house?" started the day after Thanksgiving. It took everything that I could do to hold them off until last weekend and then the asking became more of a constant nagging. So in order to save my sanity, I broke down and bought the kit to make our annual house. Yes, I use a kit....I'm not Martha Stewart! I'd rather have the pieces baked and ready for me. The kits are great! You get the house pieces, the royal icing powder, 5 different types of candies and an icing bag and tip.

The way we do it is the boys help mix up the icing and then "Eeeewwww" as I try to get the messy glops of icing into the piping bag, I construct the house, we let it dry for the alloted 3 to 4 hours to allow the royal icing to turn to concrete and then it's time to go to town. I add fresh icing to the roof and other parts of the house and the boys go to town and decorate how ever they choose.

Eventually, the novelty of the decorating wears off, they get tired of sitting still and the candy starts to disappear into the depts of their tummies so I'm left to finish up with them either directing me where to put what or I just take control of the situation and finish up as quickly as possible.

So this is what we ended up with this year....



Kelly said...

Ummm, that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

What fun! I would have been eating the candy too.