Monday, December 7, 2009

In Full Swing

Well, I can now say that the holidays are in FULL SWING at our house! Friday night I spent a good 2 hours putting up and "fluffing up" the Christmas tree in preparation to decorate on Saturday with the boys.

Saturday morning as soon as I woke up and stumbled out of our bedroom I was met with a "Mommy, can do decorate the ornaments now?". I told the boys that Mommy needed a cup of coffee before we started in on the decorations so I bought myself a little bit of time. Once we started, we dove in with both feet.

First we did the tree. I have TWO BOXES of ornaments that I have accumulated over the years. A collection of ornaments from my childhood as well as ornaments from the past 17 years with Tim and the past 5 with the boys, we have a great selection to choose from. I put out a whole slew of ornaments for the boys and told them to go for it. They did a great job of spreading them out aroudn the tree and up as high as they could reach. Then it was my job to do the star and the top of the tree with the more delicate and breakable ornaments. When we were done, we stood back and Mason said "It's beautiful!".

After the tree was done, we focused on the rest of the house adding that special "Holiday touch" here and there. The favorite of the day was when I showed the boys the North Pole Village houses that I have kept boxed up since Jack was a baby. Collected over the years as gifts from my Mom and Tim, the North Pole has always been a special collection for me. Since I have so many houses and we have limited amount of space, I told the boys that they could choose 5 houses to set up and then we'd see how many elves we could put out.

So the house is fully decorated inside and out and as Tim likes to say "It looks like Santa puked on our house" {I beg to differ with him}.

Now I just need to tie up a few loose ends with presents and stocking stuffers and get things in the mail that need to go to family in other parts of the country and I'm good to go!

Bring it on! Ho Ho Ho!!!



Anonymous said...

Can't belive you still have those "puffy" things from a zillion years ago scattered around! Decor looks really good. Just glad it is you and not me when it comes to putting it all away, but when you have little people in the house it makes it even more special.


Anonymous said...

I still have my elf is Winkin, you have Bliken and Hank should have Nod if it is still around. Remember the lights were never on inside until after St. have the wooden rockinghorse with your name and I have a wooden house with mine on it. Love seeing the old stuff!