Friday, February 1, 2008

Early Dismissal

An early day home from work & school yesterday due to our second snow storm of the season (we got a total of 8"). We arrived home and the boys wanted to play out in the snow. I was reluctant to do it because I would much rather stay in the warm comfort of the house but then I came to the realization that I've played in the snow before and know how much fun it is but the boys really haven't. They've only really played in it one other time.

So I sucked it up, changed into my jeans, boots, warm coat, baseball cap and gloves and suited the boys up. I swear it took me longer to get them both dressed than we were outside and asked Jack twice before we went out if he had to go potty.We headed out in the snow and had so much fun! I pulled the boys around the house in the sled that Tim had bought when we had our last snow and then we just hung out in the back going down our little hill and having a good time. Eventually the mittens came off and hands started to get cold so we headed in to warm up and have dinner.

It was fun. Just me and my boys doing what kids do best - enjoying life to the fullest!