Wednesday, January 30, 2008

OPERATION: Potty Train Jack

And so we begin.....
Yes it's true. Jack is almost 3 1/2 years old and isn't fully potty trained. He has got to be the most stubborn child when he comes to using the toilet and has just made hurdling this developmental milestone the HARDEST thing as a parents Tim and I have had to endure (beyond having sick children and not being able to help them).

Jack has been using the toilet at school to tinkle for MONTHS and does it very willingly. At home, it's like pulling teeth but he does it begrudgingly eventually. We tried to entice him with Pull-ups but he just treats them like diapers and tinkles anyway.

Last night, I picked up the boys at school and Jack's teacher, Miss Meredith, was there (she's normally gone by the time I get there at night). She told me how good he was doing and what did I think about sending him to school with underwear to try and see how he does. My response to her "What ever it takes to get him to go, I'm all game!" So she told me to send him with lots of undies and extra pants and that Yes, there would be accidents but that we'd give it a go.

So........we hooped it up with Jack and I unpacked all of the big boy underpants that he had picked out (another ploy that we used to get him more interested in potty training) and sent him off this morning with EIGHT PAIRS of underwear (Thomas, Cars and Spiderman designs) and FOUR extra pants (just in case).

At lunch today, my cell phone rings and it's KinderCare. Everytime I hear my special ring for KinderCare my heart just sinks and I think to myself Who's hurt? Who's sick? What's wrong? and it was Miss Meredith calling to tell me that as of lunch time Jack had had NO ACCIDENTS and had used the potty 2 times already today!

Hip Hip Hooray! I'm not going to get overly excited because I know this is only the beginning and that we will have set backs but it's a start.

Guess I'm off to Target tonight to get MORE underwear so we can keep this going.

UPDATE: Well....Day 1 passed with only ONE accident in big boy pants. We had given Jack some laxative yesterday morning because he was fighting through another one of his wonderful constipation bouts due to what the Pediatrician referred to as "Stool holding" and it kicked in while he was at school and he pooped in his Spiderman undies. He was very distraught over it and I just had to keep telling him that accidents happen and that it was okay. Potty treats (aka Hershey's kisses) are acting as a good incentive for him at home and we had two successful trips to the bathroom last night while we were home before bedtime.

Day 2 - he went to school with Spiderman undies on this morning and stayed dry (in a diaper) all night long. Hopefully hopefully this is a good sign. Picked him up at school tonight and his teacher said he had an accident during naptime because the covering teacher didn't know to put him in a pullup for his nap. Had a small accident at home but I think it was more intentional in order to put on a pair of his new Diego Undies but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and calling it an accident.