Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To You They May Be Hills... To Us They're MOUNTAINS!

Woo Hoo for Jack Henry! He's got this potty training thing down....well....almost! If it wasn't for the suggestion of his teacher, Ms. Meredith, we'd still be battling it at home but once those undies went on it only took about 2 weeks to go without a tinkle accident at all! He even can go through the night without wetting his pull up!

It was the pooping that took awhile to conquer. Once we got him, shall I say....REGULAR with the help of Miralax things started to change. "MMMMMM.....I LOVE Miralax, Mom!" was the comment that Jack made! (I wanted to record him and send it to the Miralax people as a suggestion for advertising because I would gather that people who are familiar with the stuff wouldn't say they love it but not my Jack!) Then we had to deal with the poop accidents because he was "afraid" to sit on the potty to poop. I don't know why, he just seemed to be. Call it a control thing or whatever but he just didn't want to do it! Finally it came to a bribe thing. "You poop on the potty like a big boy and Mommy and Daddy will buy you a present!" Even his Moots (my Mom) added to the incentive.

Every morning and every night, we ask repeatedly "Do you have to Poop?" only to get the "No!" and then 15 minutes later he'd come to us telling us that he was poopy! So I resorted then to the books as well. "Where's The Poop?" and that seemed to be the nudge that he needed. About a week ago, it was a Friday night, Tim and I both knew that Jack had not pooped at all and that we were bound for a poop that night. I watched him and waited until I saw that stance or cue from him that was the indication that he had to go. As soon as I saw it I said "Jack do you need to poop?" and when he said "No" I said , let's go sit on the potty and scooped him up and headed for the bathroom ASAP.

He sat down and after a few strained faces, HE WENT! Hip Hip Hooray! You would have thought that he had conquered Mt. Everest with the cheering that we did! We were so proud of him and wanted him to feel the same way! We even called Moots to let her know and put in the request for the special "poop present" that Jack had been promised (The Dinoco King Helicopter from the movie CARS)

Now, I'm not saying that from there on out it's been smooth sailing - we've had our bumps and setbacks but I think he gets it now. Last night, we were due for another poop session and it was not to be had. Bedtime rolled around and Jack was in bed and lights were about to be turned out when he said "Daddy, I need to go potty" in his cute shy voice. Thinking that it was a ploy to delay bedtime, Tim at first hesitated, but then thought differently hoping to head off any further delays. So they walked down the hallway to the bathroom. As I sat in the darkness of the bedroom with Mason, sending him off to a hopefully peaceful nights sleep, I could hear talking and then a loud cheer come from the boys' bathroom. I KNEW what had happened! He had gone poop - again!

About 5 minutes later, I look down the hallway to see the image of my pajama clad son, marching down the hallway, head held high, shoulders back and VERY proudly he whispers to me "Mom, I went poop in the potty!". Daddy hoisted him into bed, he curled up into his sleep position and that was it - it was time to turn in for the night. Mission accomplished on all fronts! He had conquered the mountain!

Potty training has been such an adventure for us! I never in a million years thought that it would be THIS difficult and I only can THINK about what it's going to be like to train the beast (or should I say VERY STUBBORN HEADED) that is our son Mason - he will be his own force to be reconed with.

So, to some, our successes may be small hils that we have climbed but to Tim and I, and especially Jack - they are mountains!


Moots said...

Guess we all have figured out that parents are not always in charge in a household. Rather it be a lttle 3 1/2 year old :( Hope poopie tales in the Riley house continue to be a non-event.


Andrea said...

Oh Libby, that's SO INCREDIBLE!! YAY JACK!!!

Amanda said...

Yeah for Poop...and CARS presents!

mommabelz said...

Way to go my sweet little nephew! I have a poop present for him too..... Go Deigo Go! Row G vip seating! Only the best for my poopie nephew!!