Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gearing Up

We've got a pretty big weekend ahead of us full of all sorts of "Family Fun". My Grandmother turns 90 on 8/25, so to celebrate, we're throwing her a birthday party this weekend. My sister, her husband and 4 children are coming in from New Jersey and my Mom and her husband are headed to St. Louis from South Carolina.

Saturday morning we have a "Family Photo Op" with Renee McMahon to catch all of us in the same zip code at the same time (should be interesting) and then Saturday evening is the MAIN EVENT!

We'll be headed over to my Aunt Sallie's for the birthday bash with her 4 girls who are all coming in town from their respective places of residence throughout the country along with a few other close family and friends of my Grandmother. Nothing too fancy planned from what I understand, just a party to help the Matriarch of our family ring in a new decade (you only turn 90 once right). Again, it will be a "Family Photo Op" as she will have her 2 Daughers, 7 Grandchildren and 7 Great-Grandchildren all togehter at the same time. The last time we were able to do this was when my Grandfather was alive and we all congregated at my sister's in New Jersey for his 80th birthday.

Along with pictures and a party, we'll be visiting the Zoo and just trying to cram in as much family togetherness as we can in 2 short days. Should be an interesting weekend to say the least.


Amanda said...

Hey Lady- Send me some new pictures of the kids for your banner. Tell me what you want again? have my email right?