Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Someday I'm Going To Miss This......

This past weekend was just a weekend of STUFF. Tim had to work due to a tight deadline at his current client site so it was up to me to keep the boys occupied. Because of the beautiful August weather that we are being blessed with, the boys and I decided to venture out to the St. Louis Zoo to see what was new.
We've been by ourselves enough that we have it down to a science now. Important stops for the boys are the elephants, the hippos, the anteaters (not sure why....but we stop to see them), the bears, the penguins, the chimpanzees, the giraffes, the zebras, the sea lions and then a few other random animals along the way. We can to the whole lot and eat lunch in 3 hours - which is PLENTY of Zoo time for all three of us.
We didn't ride the train though. Jack's waiting for his cousin, Jack Hogan, to come into town and then he said he'll ride it (I think he's not keen on the tunnels but I wasn't as a kid either).

Saturday night we headed to Kirkwood Park to play on the new playground. Tim had a double header softball game, so we took the boys to dinner and then played at the park until it was game time. The boys and I headed home for bed while Tim played ball. Slides, swings, and sand! What more would a little boy need?

Nothing fancy, nothing too special....just a fun day with my boys! Special time with just the two of them and me. One day I'll miss being able to do that with them so for now, I get it in as much as I can and soak in every minute of it.


mommabelz said...

Do you remember the first time I took Jack to the zoo and out of all the stuffed animals he could have picked he pick the anteater... And we thought what? Guess it wasn't a phase.