Thursday, August 7, 2008

"I'm Going To Be An Honorable Fireman!"

Well, he's almost right! Jack is being made an honorary fireman by his Uncle Chris and the rest of the Volunteer Firefighter/Paramedics at Atlantic Ambulance in Chatham Township, NJ. Chris left Jack the message below on my "Who is YOUR Hero?" post and we were all was SOOOO excited when we read it (what 3 1/2 year old wouldn't be?).

Jack Henry,

I have a you think it's ok for a hero to cry? The reason I ask you this is because when Aunt Diehnee told me what you said in class I was so proud that it brought tears to my eyes. I talked to the guys in my firehouse and told them what you said, they all decided to make you an honorary Fireman.

I can’t wait to see you, Mason, your mom and dad in a few weeks. Thank you again for making me so proud

Your Uncle Chris

The other night we were sitting at dinner and out of no where, Jack says "I'm going to be an HONORABLE fireman! Uncle Chris is going to teach me how to be a fireman! I hope when Mason's 3 1/2 Uncle Chris makes HIM an honorable fireman too!". We were so surprised that he was able to get out that whole thought in one breath - it was amazing and very touching for Tim and I to hear the excitement in his voice.

We're anxiously awaiting August 22nd when my sister Diehnee, Uncle Chris and the rest of their crew arrives in St. Louis for a celebration weekend. Jack will get to see his HERO - Uncle Chris!


Amanda said...

Caedmon would trade places w/ Jack in a heartbeat! Man to be a fireman!!!

Thank you for your comment about stars. It's funny. Caedmon's favorite book is No Matter What by Debi Glori. The last couple pages are filled w/ stars. We already have stars for Nicole and Charly (Nicole's dog), but last night we added one for Heejun.