Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breakfast With Santa

Yesterday, Tim, the boys and I headed over to my Grandmother's (the boys only living Great Grandmother) for Breakfast With Santa Claus. A yearly event for us for the past four years, Tim and I look forward to the opportunity for the boys to get to see Santa Claus in person and not have to wait in the long lines at the Mall to see him there.

Like everything else in our life, we weren't sure what kind of reactions we were going to get out of Jack and Mason when they saw him.
As you can see - Mason quickly clung to Daddy's shoulder but slowly warmed up as soon he realized that Santa was a good guy and Jack...well Jack assumed the hands over the ears position - I guess Santa's sleigh bells were too loud for him.

The morning was full of yummy breakfast and of course PRESENTS! Santa can't make an appearance without presents!

Before we left we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go say "Hi" and let the big guy know what we all wanted for Christmas. Jack: a firetruck, Mason: a scooter, Mommy: a new kitchen, and Daddy: a vacation (after he finishes the kitchen)!

P.S. Jack and Mason want Aunt Tricia and Uncle Hank to know that they missed them but know that you are in Vietnam bringing Sophie home! Next year, we ALL can go have breakfast with Santa! We love you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

You look fabulous and gorgeous....I can say that even if I am your mother. Great pic of the boys, too!
Glad you all were able to go!


Hank said...

We can't wait! Miss you!