Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who Doesn't Love A Gingerbread House?

Last year I decided that one of MY traditions with my children would be to make a gingerbread house. No......not from scratch! I may be creative and talented in some respects, but I'm not THAT good! I cheat and buy the kit but who cares - the boys still have fun with it.

This year, as soon as Thanksgiving had passed and Jack heard us utter the word Christmas, he immediately asked me "Mommy, are we going to make a gingerbread house?" so I knew that it had to be done.

This weekend it was on our TO DO list. Saturday morning I assembled the house and we gave it a few hours to set up before we jumped in with both feet and decorated it. Mommy was in charge of the icing and the boys were in charge of the decorating (and eating the "ingredients" as Jack kept on referring to them). I was very surprised at the precision to which Mason put into HIS side of the roof design. He was so meticulous and had such a good time.

The end AWESOME house that the three of us put together - with a pretzel fence, icing trees, and 4 gingerbread people representing Me, Tim, Jack and Mason.

Oh....and we came up with a new "ingredient" that a gingerbread house needs.....Pepperidge Farm Goldfish!!!

So here it is........Gingerbread House 2008!