Friday, January 30, 2009

BOY by Mason

The drawing development of children has been documented and studied for many years in Primary Education classes throughout the world.

The first stage of drawing is called the Scribbling Stage which occurs around age 2 and is described as :First disordered scribbles are simply records of enjoyable kinesthetic activity, not attempts at portraying the visual world. After six months of scribbling, marks are more orderly as children become more engrossed. Soon they begin to name scribbles, an important milestone in development.

The second stage which occurs from 3 to 4 is the Preschematic Stage and is described as: First conscious creation of form occurs around age three and provides a tangible record of the child's thinking process. The first representational attempt is a person, usually with circle for head and two vertical lines for legs. Later other forms develop, clearly recognizable and often quite complex. Children continually search for new concepts so symbols constantly change.

Well.....the reason I am posting this is because tonight as I was fixing dinner, the boys were sitting at the table drawing and Mason says "Mommy, Daddy look! I draw a boy!" and drew this figure!

Tim and I were FLOORED! He's NEVER drawn a figure like this before it's been merely scribbles! And now a recognizable figure - and he did it all on his own! Jack didn't start drawing people until just recently (I blogged about it here).

Just thought I'd share and BRAG a bit on my baby. He's getting so big! XOXO


Amy said...

Now that is truly impressive!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE EARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray for Mason....


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thats really good! the attention to detail ( the ears) is the sign of an artist. Very impressive
m2m from posh moms