Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Indulge Yourself

What would you do if you had ONE day to ANYthing and EVERYthing in the world, how would you indulge yourself?

That’s the question that Suzanne from Product Reviews By A Quad Mom Named Suz! & Steece's Pieces is asking as a part of a FREE giveaway that she's holding after being selected as a product tester for M&Ms new Premium Chocolates through Blogher.

Well, I'm a chocolate lover so I figured I'd "indulge myself" by sitting back and thinking about it. What would I do..........well here goes.......

I'd start my morning off by hopping on an airplane and flying to......somewhere warm and favorite vacation spot......Negril, Jamaica. To some, not that indulgent, but to me, a very memorable vacation destination and one I'd return to in a heartbeat. I'd take a flight DIRECTLY to the resort so that I didn't have to do the drive from the airport - I want to maximize my time that I have!

I'd be met at the entrance of the resort by employees with a tropical drink and ready to wisk me away to the spa for a "Day of Beauty" - everything that they offer, I'd get! A facial, a massage, pedicure, manicure, hair cut, hair "do", you name it. I'd be a princess for a day! I'd have a suite at the resort so that I could relax and sit under a beautiful palm frond umbrella and look out onto the beautiful aqua blue ocean wiggling my toes in the sand and feeling the warm breeze on my face.

I'd spend my day just "relaxing and enjoying myself" (something that's hard to come by). Later in the day, I'd have Tim flown down to meet me and we'd enjoy a nice dinner at the resorts restaurant and eat until we couldnt' eat any more. We'd spend good quality time with each other that evening and fly back home to "life and reality" to start the next day as we do every day - waking up to our two wonderful children. A life that I would not want any other way!

So......that's it. My "dream for a day" - being pampered and relaxing and just having time for Me, Myself and I. And.....I'd throw in a little time for Tim too!

Thanks Suzanne for letting me indulge myself on a cold and snowy day here in St. Louis! It's been fun!


Suzanne said...

awww! sounds amazing! can i come?!!! thanks for playing along--you are too cute!