Thursday, January 1, 2009

Forward Progress

Yes, this has been one of the LONGEST remodeling projects on record but when you are at the mercy of your husband (the contractor), that's what happens and you take what you can get! I was lucky enough that he put in time Christmas Day, and two days after to get the kitchen and hallway painted and now he's getting ready to lay the new subfloor so the kitchen floor can go on.

Then the cabinets can come in from the garage, appliances can go in and the granite people can come out to run the templates for the counter tops and we can have a functioning kitchen. So my goal of the "end of the year" completion date has come and gone but I can see light at the end of the tunnel..........I'm just not sure how far away it is.

So here's a little sneek peak at where we are....

Here's the kitchen floor tile and the pattern that it will be laid in

Hardwood floor that will be in the front hall and dining room area - it will be "similar" to this but not exact as this color is NO LONGER AVAILABLE (nice huh?) New paint in the hallway (same color as the family room and kitchen)

Kitchen is painted and now ready for the subfloor to go in
My home the construction zone


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good, Libby. I know there will be much more progress by the time I get back this month.

I KNOW you will be thrilled to have your life back to normal and organized.