Monday, November 2, 2009

The Crash After The High....

Friday night the boys and I spent 2 hours carving our Jack O'Lanterns and the excitement continued builidng towards the big night on Saturday. As soon as Jack realized that there was work involved with carving and decided that the "goo" inside the pumpkin was too messy for him to touch, he quickly lost interest but Mason stuck with me for the duration. A happy face and a haunted house were the choice Jack O'Lanterns for the year. We were all very happy with how they turned out!

Saturday we awoke to SUN!!! The weather was BEAUTIFUL here! All of the stars aligned and the sun was shining leading up to a beautiful evening of Trick Or Treating. The boys {as well as Tim and I} were thrilled beyond belief that umbrellas weren't going to be a required part of the Halloween costumes that had been so carefully picked out. As always, I was able to catch the required "Photo with Mommy prior to leaving the house" and then they were gone.

Returning after a quick 45 minute jaunt up and down the street their buckets were FULL of candy. Hershey bars, Kit Kats, Reeses....all of MY favorites! They oohed and ahhed at their haul and snacked until they were CUT OFF to prevent an excess sugar high as we called it a night about 9:00pm and turned off the lights to ward off any late comers.

Another successful {and fun} Halloween under our belts. Now we ration the candy on a daily basis and hope that it's gone before the next influx that is Christmas time.