Sunday, December 2, 2007

Breakfast With Santa

Saturday morning we headed to The Gatesworth (aka Mimi's house) to have breakfast with Santa. We had a great meal of scrambled eggs, french toast sticks, grapes, donut holes, sausage, bacon, yummy potatoes and much much more. After we filled our tummies, we sang some Christmas songs and welcomed Santa!!!

Tim and I weren't quite sure how Jack and Mason would handle the man in the red suit so we were prepared for just about anything. We'll as we possibly expected, Mason was scared to death and screamed as soon as Santa got close. Jack was very reserved and watched Santa's every move to see what he was all about before making a decision if he was a good guy or not.

Presents were handed out and the boys both happily accepted theirs from Santa as he worked his way around the room. Jack even slapped him a "High Five"! A Mr. Potato head for Mason and new "Cars" characters for Jack - both a HUGE hit!

Before we left, Jack wanted to take a minute to have a heart to heart with Santa and make sure he knew what else was on his list. They had a nice conversation and ended it with a hug and a promise of cookies and milk to be left on Christmas Eve for Santa.

A magical day for all of us! Thanks, Mimi!!!


mommabelz said...

I loved seeing Jack talk to Santa and give him a big hug! Melted my heart.