Monday, April 7, 2008

A Day For The Ducks

Ducks Unlimited is a national, not-for-profit organization focusing on waterfowl and wetlands conservation. Every year, in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Conservation, they hold Wetlands For Kids Day at the August A Busch Wildlife Center in St. Charles, MO. It's my Dad's "baby" per say as he's responsible for the coordination of efforts to pull it all together.

Since it's always held the first weekend of April, we hope and pray for nice, warm weather and we're never sure what we're going to get. This past week we had rain and cold weather up until Friday - we were holding our breath that the meteorologists on all of the local TV stations were going to be right with their forecasts of SUNNY and 60s for Saturday. Thankfully, they were right! We had a fantastic day on Saturday! From what we could tell…..the BIGGEST crowd that they’ve EVER had – but that’s what happens when every parent in St. Louis and St. Charles County decides that they are going to conquer the cabin fever and get their kids out of the house for the day and enjoy the weather.

They boys, despite having started our day at the Pediatrician’s office for a tumble out of bed by Jack and Mason being under the weather from a stomach bug, still had a great time. Temporary tattoos, geese in the lake, seeing snakes, turtles, big giant catfish and birds of prey were just a few of the activities that we enjoyed while we were there.

Thanks, Bear for another great Wetlands For Kids Day! We had fun at your party!
~ Jack & Mason


Duck's Mom said...

Aw, looks like the boys had a great time at the Wetlands!!!