Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Open Wide Like An Alligator!"

Today was Jack's first visit to the Dentist. Dr. Kevin Postol, is the most wonderful Dentist. He's got a great personality and is very genuine about what he says and does. The entire staff at his office is wonderful so Tim and I were looking forward to today for a number of reasons. #1, this is another one of those "milestone" moments that BOTH of us wanted to be there for - the FIRST visit to the Dentist. And #2, Dr. Postol and his staff have known Jack since before he was even born so we were anxious to have them meet him in person.

I met Tim and Jack at the office and when I got there, they were looking at the "Wall Of Fame" that Dr. Postol has of all of his young NEW patients. They take their picture with a Polaroid camera and post it on a wall with their name on it as well as sending the child home with a picture too. I told Jack that I bet he'd get his picture on the wall today as well.

We looked at the big fish tank that Dr. Postol has and then we headed back to the exam room. Daddy needed to have some impressions done for some tooth whitening that he's going to have done, so Jack and I watched them do that before it was his turn to sit in the chair.

We had to overcome a bit of apprehension when it was Jack's turn, but as soon as he saw that Dr. Postol has TVs in the ceilings of the rooms, Jack was in the chair and ready to go. Misti, the Dental Hygienist put the seat back and headphones on Jack and he was set.

He very willingly opened his mouth, let her check his teeth and then it was time for the cleaning. Jack nixed the "bubble gum" flavored toothpaste immediately because we had just gotten finished with a round of medicine that was bubblegum flavored that he DID NOT LIKE so he opted for "grape" toothpaste instead - ICK!

Top row of teeth, NO PROBLEM! Tim and I were amazed and how well he was doing. Being the Mom that I am, I was sitting on a stool next to Jack snapping away with my camera (after I got a new set of batteries from Dr. Postol because my freakin batteries in my camera died RIGHT as I started to take my first picture!!!), Misti rinsed Jack's mouth and was ready to start the bottom row of teeth when all of a sudden, he just decided he was done and shut his mouth so tight and refused to open it again. Then the arms came reaching for me like he was saying "Mommy save me from this..... it's horrible". When in fact, he had been doing wonderfully.

Misti, Tim, and I all tried to coax Jack into letting Misti do the bottom row of teeth to no avail. Not even a sweet, pleading "Open wide like an alligator, Jack!" would work. Eventually we gave up. But......Jack did let Dr. Postol take a look at his teeth to count them. Turns out that his bite is off due to his high pitched palate, which later could be a problem, but for now, it's just something that will be watched and corrected if needed.

All in all.....not a TERRIBLE trip to the Dentist. We didn't have major meltdown, left with a smile and a bag of goodies from Dr. Postol. Here's hoping that next time we can get ALL of those pearly whites polished without any issues.