Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 On Tuesday

1 - Yesterday was Jack's Birthday. Tim and I decided this weekend that we'd celebrate as a family on Sunday so we could give him time to open his presents, enjoy playing with them and not have to rush out the door on a school day. I am SOOO glad that we did that b/c when I got home last night with the boys Tim was KNEE DEEP in a plumbing nightmare with our remodel project and was working on that until 9pm! The boys and I went to McDonald's for dinner and then spent the evening putting together Jack's new Geotrax from his Aunt Diehnee and her clan and then read his new books Bear Feels Sick and Duck at the Door from his Bear and Belle. Tonight, we're breaking out the Razor Scooter from Moots and Big Top! Eeek!

2 - I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and I can tell that it's turning into a cold. ARGH! I CAN'T GET SICK!!! Jack's Birthday party is this Saturday! We're throwing it at our local EMS Station and we're all excited about it. Right now we will have 9 children and about 12 adults there! I don't want to be sick!!! I ran to Walgreens and got some Zicam to start using. Tim and my Mom swear by the stuff, I'm a bit skeptical but I'll try anything this week to NOT get sick.

3 - My 40th Birthday came and went and was wonderful! It was a beautiful day! I walked into our breakfast room to a dozen red roses from Tim and the BEST BIRTHDAY present that he could have ever given to me! He had a sterling silver pendant made for me that matches the tattoo that I got on Friday! Yes, conservative Libby got a Tattoo!! The design is a Celtic Motherhood Knot with two circles in the center representing the boys. I love it! Getting the tattoo wasn't nearly as horrible as people make it out to be and NO you don't get to see a picture of the actual tattoo, sorry!

4 - Today is only TUESDAY! Seems like I've worked a full week already and it's only Tuesday! I have a feeling that it's gonna be a looooong week.

5 - I am getting so anxious for my brother and sister in law. They are PATIENTLY waiting to hear about their approval on the final steps of the adoption process to bring home their precious daughter, Sophie, from Vietnam. We're all hoping that they get their approvals in the next week or so and will be headed overseas the beginning of November and have Sophie home by Thanksgiving. How cool would that be?

6 - My oldest niece, Sarah, turned 17 on Saturday and got her Drivers License yesterday. YIKES! That makes ME feel old as I was there when she was born and feel like it was just yesterday. Sarah, be safe out there!

7 - Look at those smiles
8 - How many more shopping days are there until Christmas? I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas yet!

9 - I hope tonight goes smoother than last night. The boys were at each others throats about playing with Jack's new toys and it sucked. Mason doesn't quite understand why HE didn't' get presents like Jack did and was very upset about it. Jack would share for a bit and then take them back from Mason which would NOT go over very well.

10 - I still need to go shop for the paper goods for Jack's party and the party favors for his friends. AND order the cake! Guess I better do that soon huh?

Happy Tuesday!