Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!'s here! THE BIG FOUR - OH! The day that I have NOT been looking forward to at all! Turning 30 was not a big deal for me. I loved turning 30! I remember it like it was yesterday, celebrating with a dinner with my Grandparents, Mom & Stepfather, brother, and Tim at a local restaurant called Annie Gunns and having a great time.

To me.....30 was the begninning of a great part of my life. I have had three VERY MEMORABLE moments in my 30's, as well as a few that I'd like to forget about (or not ever have to relive) but getting married and having my two babies in my 30's were the highlights of my life (so far)!

So, now I begin another decade and another chapter of my life. One that at one point in my life, I thought made someone seem SO OLD to me. (I remember when my Mom turned 40 and thought that she was old. Heck, I was 13! Everyone seems old at that point in your life don't they?) But now I look at myself as a member of the 40-something bracket and have to say "I'm not old! Look at me! I have TWO young children and have LOTS left to do in my lifetime. I've just lost 35 lbs and I think I look pretty darn good!" (if I do say so myself!) So, I look at it this way.....I'm going to try to embrace this change in BOTH of the numbers that represent my age as a POSITIVE thing and not a negative. A change that will make me look forward with anticipation to what's to come in my life and not look back and long for the past.

Happy Birthday To Me!

P.S. If you're wondering.....I'm taking the day off and spending it being good to myself. I'm going to get a pedicure, enjoying some quiet ME time just have fun....maybe I'll go shopping and buy something as a treat to myself and then I'm going to enjoy a very special dinner at Sidney Street Cafe with Tim, my brother Hank and his wonderful wife Tricia, and my very best friend Betsy and her husband Kevin. long to my 30's and here's to my next decade and the other's to come as well. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Your Momma will always love you and have for 40 years PLUS 9 months. You were born a day early, so I thank you, Libby.

Happy Birthday!