Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 On Tuesday

I’ve been inspired by my friend Sandra Krauss (Mom2Cam….Wife2Ger) to start a 10 on Tuesday weekly blog post. Basically, 10 random thoughts that come to mind as I’m composing my post. Let’s see how well I can do this for my first 10 on Tuesday.

1 – Today is my Monday b/c I stayed home with the boys to have an extra “Stay Home Day” as we call them (it was Columbus Day and a school holiday for them). We spent the morning at the Dentist for Jack’s 6-month checkup (that went over like a lead balloon) and then went to the Mall to do a couple of errands, play and have lunch at Subway. It was just one of our typical days out. Good quality fun for the three of us (Daddy unfortunately had to work).

2 – I had a nice weekend this weekend with my Mom in town. She was visiting for Tricia’s “Sophie Shower” that one of Tricia’s good friends and I threw. I think it was a success and Tricia seemed to enjoy herself. Thanks Mom for my early Birthday present. It’s special and something I will treasure forever! I LOVE YOU!

3 – I have 3 days left to enjoy my 30’s before I start a new decade of my life. I’m excited about it (just because I love Birthdays) but am not at the same time because 40 still sounds OLD to me. (Sorry if you are over 40 and reading this).

4 – Today has been a cool and gloomy day. It’s been hard to get motivated to work and I’m just looking forward to leaving and picking up the boys from school.

5 – This morning Mason was walking around the kitchen with his cell phone to his ear. I asked him who he was going to call and expected a “Daddy” or something and instead he said “I calling Aunt Diehnee!”. My sister is so wonderful to my boys. She is always wonderful to send us hand-me-down clothes and DVDs that her youngest son has out-grown. Mason LOVES it when Aunt Diehnee sends them surprises in the mail.

6 – I need to get my Drivers License renewed before Friday when it expires! Eeek! I have to provide a whole LIST of things (Passport, Social Security Card, Proof of residence) in order to renew and joke that I have to even take Jack with me (you know…. your first born child). Its nuts! But the picture on my license is from 2002 and it has our OLD address on it as well so it’s time to get it updated anyway.

7 – I’m wondering what Tim got accomplished at the house today. Friday I came home to brick back up on the back of the house thanks to the Mason who came and Tim had framed out most of the walls in the new kitchen so we made a bit of forward progress again. I’m just so ready to get our project finished so that we can get things back to normal and I can quit nagging Tim about it.

8 – I’m debating what color to have my toenails painted on Friday morning when I go for my fancy pedicure. Red….French…..something funky? I can’t decide!

9 – I went out for lunch today with my friend Karen. Today is HER Birthday and since our Birthdays are so close together, we do a dual Birthday lunch. Today was her treat since my milestone Birthday – we went to Red Robin and had a yummy lunch! Thanks, Karen for the treat – Happy Birthday to you again!

10 – We celebrate a lot of Birthdays in October, which is kinda fun! Here’s a quick Happy Birthday Shout-out to a few others who have had or will be having a Birthday this month. Scott Riley, Hallie Lueking, Sarah Gagnon (getting her "wheels"), Jack Riley (can’t believe my first baby will be FOUR!), Gigi Randick, Storm Carl (who's also turning the BIG 40!), Kerry Carl (you still have one more year Girlfrield), and Marilyn Riley.


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