Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 On Tuesday

And yes, I remembered that it's Tuesday! So here you go!

1 – Today is a cold and gloomy Tuesday. Fall is definitely here (at least for a bit). I like this time of year and the change of the Seasons, but hate it when it’s gloomy out.

2 – Tim started hanging the drywall in our new kitchen area this weekend. It’s forward progress! I’m excited that I can start to see a SMALL glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

3 – Tonight I’m taking the boys to PUPPETS TO GO through our Parents As Teachers Organization. I’m kinda excited as I will be taking them by myself so that Tim can work a bit on the kitchen (see #2 above) and get a few more sheets of drywall hung!

4 – Just made dinner reservations for Saturday Night at Stoney River for Tim and I. It’s his Birthday (47th to be exact) so I want to take him out for a nice dinner (just the two of us) – Now I need to find a Babysitter, hopefully one of the teachers from school can do it for me. Mmmmmmm – the thought of a good steak is making my mouth water.

5 – We’re STILL waiting for Hank and Tricia to get their approvals to go get Sophie. I can’t tell you how lucky that little girl is going to be – she has a beautiful room waiting for her and it’s FULL of clothes, toys and LOVE (CLICK HERE to see it!)!

6 – Check out - they helped my sister find her lost kitty cat who had been missing for 3 weeks! Her comment about her “Success Story” is even featured on their website!

My cat, Tootsie has been found! Within 15 minutes of your calls, I received a flood of callers telling me they had spotted her. One told me that it sounded like the cat they dropped off at the local shelter the previous Sat that they had found hiding in their tool shed. Ironically, the shelter called me just minutes after THAT call telling me that they had a cat that matched the description of the one I had reported lost their almost three weeks ago! It was Tootsie! I am still receiving calls several days since I subscribed to your service and I am so thankful and happy to report my kitty is home safe and sound after almost three weeks on the lam! Thanks so much,! I am going to tell The View and Regis and Kelly about you all with a note to their websites. It was money well spent!!!!

7 – What do you get your husband for his Birthday when he doesn’t NEED anything? (He doesn’t read my blog so I’m safe posting this) I’m so totally lost. I bought him two shirts from the boys and am taking him out for dinner but feel like I need to give him SOMETHING else. Friends have made a few suggestions that I’m taking into consideration but I’d like to give him something more “tangible” as well.

8 – We’re getting a FREE BIKE for the boys! Yes you read it FREE! This summer, KinderCare had McGruff The Crime Dog and Armadillo Fire Safety come to the school and fingerprinted the kids for FREE. If you signed up for a free Fire Safety/Preparedness Lesson at your home for your family, you could get a free bike. Well I totally forgot about that! We’ve requested that we delay the Fire Safety Lesson until our remodel project is finished and we have a fully functioning house to work with but they called yesterday and said that they need to get the bike to us! I am so excited. I doubt that we’ll give it to the boys now as I remember we requested a 2-wheeler and Jack’s nowhere near ready for one. But at least we can put it away until it’s time. Woo Hoo for FREE!

9 – Gas is down to $1.94 in our area! I can’t believe it! What is it where you live?

10 – Sending hugs and love to Fluff! I love you! Sorry you’re in a funk.


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