Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here's MUD In Your Eye!

To some people it may not be a big deal but to me it is. When I posted my first post about our remodel/renovation project back in JANUARY of this year, I never imagined that we'd STILL be working on it in NOVEMBER! But here we are, November 23rd to be exact (10 months to the day of my first post!) and it's still going. Unfortunately, when you are at the mercy of your husband to get the work done and he still has to take paying jobs at the same time......projects at home tend to take on the personality of the Energizer Bunny, they keep going and going and going.

I've been trying to give Tim time on the weekends for the past month to get some stuff done during the day and he's made some great progress. Drywall is up and this weekend, we had someone come in and tape and mud!!! As messy as this process is, it's a welcomed mess in my eyes! I'll take it any day - if it means forward progress....bring it on.

So here it is.......drywall is taped and has it's second coat of mud on it. Hopefully this weekend, Tim will be able to prime and paint the walls. Then come the floors and then the cabinets, appliances, granite and lighting!!! Maybe, just maybe, by the beginning of 2009 I can say I have a BRAND NEW KITCHEN!!! Woo Hoo!

It's going to be so awesome when it's done!!!


Hank said...

Progress :-)Looks nice Lib