Friday, November 14, 2008


Everyone that knows them is getting anxious for my brother, Hank and his wife, Tricia, to go get their daughter Sophie from Vietnam. This week they were able to get their Travel Approval (the Vietnamese Government has said “Come on over and get your daughter!”) but OUR OWN wonderful government is holding up their I-600 in the UCIS! Hank, with additional help from family, has been in contact with just about anyone and everyone that he possibly could reach (US Senators, Department of State, Immigrations, UCIS in Vietnam etc) EXCEPT for POTUS to see if someone could pull some strings to see if they can get the LAST piece of their puzzle together so that they can leave.

This morning, as he was sitting watching cartoons, Jack looked at me and said “When are Aunt Tricia and Uncle Hank going to go get Sophie and bring her home, Mom?”. I’m telling you, the child is like a sponge. He remembers EVERYTHING and sometimes pulls things out of thin air and surprises the heck out of Tim and I.

When Hank and Tricia were first matched with Sophie. Tim and I tried to figure out how to explain, in as remedial terms as we could, to Jack, and Mason too, what was going on and how Sophie was going to come into our family and be Hank and Tricia’s daughter. We explained to them that Sophie didn’t have a Mommy and Daddy and that Hank and Tricia were going to get on a plane and go get her and bring her home and be her Mommy and Daddy. He’s asked “Who’s taking care of Sophie if she doesn’t have a Mommy and Daddy?”, “Where does she live?”, “Does she have toys like we do?” and other very inquisitive questions that a child would instinctively want to know.

So as I answered his question this morning, I said “Soon buddy! Very, very soon!” I then explained that Hank and Tricia just needed ONE MORE PERSON to sign a piece of paper that would let them get on the airplane and go to Vietnam and then they’d be bringing her home – he was PERFECTLY fine with that.

Sophie has been a part of our house since 6/13/08. We have pictures of her, talk about her, and have even already played with HER toys before she has (Sorry Sophie!) – we’re all as anxious as all get out for her to get here!

Please, please, please UCIS, get off your duff and process the I-600! We want our sweet, precious Sophie to come HOME!


Anonymous said...

AMEN! from NJ

Anonymous said...

Sigh...sigh.........I second what NJ said!

mommabelz said...

yes ! Yes!! We are trying Jack... xxoxoxoxo