Friday, November 7, 2008


Jack had his FOUR YEAR OLD Check Up yesterday afternoon. He grew 3 1/4 inches in a year and gained 4.2 lbs - can you say WOW! He's 45th% for both his height and his weight. He carried on a great conversation with Dr. Graham as she quizzed him as to what he knew and could do (she was quite floored that he can count to 100, knows how to spell his first and last name, can write his own name and can recognize all of the letters of the alphabet). She said he's a beautifully healthly 4 year old, with an attitude, and that his asthma is now considered mild and intermittent, which was great to hear!

But.......he got TWO shots! The second of his MMR and his Chickenpox vaccines. It was horrible. He clued in as to what was going on shortly after the nurse came back in. I had to hold him in my lap and keep him from wiggling out as he SCREAMED at me to let him go. I felt like such the horrible Mom. But I explained to him afterwards that we get shots to keep us healthy and keep us from getting sick and he seemed to understand it. He didn't cry for too long and I was able to redeem myself by buying him a treat at Target (new legos). Yeah, I know....not the way to handle it but we had to go anyway, so I just figured I'd be nice. We also scoped out what we we are going to ask Santa for for Christmas so it was a worthwhile trip through the Toy Dept.

So all in all, a great visit (minus the shots) - now if we can just make it through the winter without issue that would be AWESOME!