Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heaven Gained An Angel Yesterday

Since Jack’s birth, I have been a part of a wonderful group of Moms on the Internet. Some people may not understand how a group of complete strangers could be so close, but we are. We are 200 women with young children who all experience the same trials & tribulations of parenthood and when one of us falls, we all fall together.

Yesterday, a good friends daughter, who was born at 23 ½ wks and weighed less than a pound at birth became another one of Gods angels. We were all shocked and full of disbelief when her Mom posted yesterday on our board that Julia Grace had passed away.

She had been doing so well! Julia Grace had proven all the Doctors and nurses wrong and had grown to a whopping 6 lbs 14 oz and had passed the 40 wk mark last week! She was transferred to a Children’s Hospital in preparation of moving her forward in her progression of going home to be with her family. All of us on our board were anxiously awaiting news of a successful surgical procedure yesterday to place a tracheotomy and remove her breathing tube and instead received the devastating news that the night before, something happened and baby Julia gave up her fight.

I may have never met Julia Grace or her Mother in person but feel as though I have lost a part of my heart and my family. The death of a child is a loss for everyone who’s life they have touched and for those who they were never able to meet.

Julia Grace, you will be missed.

"Perhaps they are not stars, but the souls of our lost loved ones shining down upon us to let us know they are alright" - Anon.