Monday, March 17, 2008

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On It's Way!

Sunday was the Annual Claymont Easter Egg Hunt. Yes, it was in the upper 40’s and sunny here and the boys were in their winter coats but that didn’t stop us, or anyone else with children in the neighborhood for that matter. The signs all week said the Easter Egg Hunt started 3pm SHARP so that’s what time we headed up to the “spot” for the festivities. Only to find out that it was at 4pm that the Egg Hunts started, so we had to kill a whole hour with the boys. They had the customary petting zoo and snacks so that, along with a walk down the street was enough for us to make it to 4:00.

Mason was in the first grouping, “Birth to 2 ½”. Tim and I laughed because that’s not really a good age grouping but who cares. Mason was one of about 5 kids doing the hunting. Okay, so it’s not a hunt, it’s more of an Easter Egg PICKUP as they just lay the eggs in the grass. It took a few eggs for Mason to get the concept of walk, pick up the egg and put it in my basket and move on to the next colorful orb laying on the ground and repeat. But…once he realized that the eggs had CANDY in them he was hot on the trail. We scored about 10 eggs in his round.

Jack was next. VERY ANXIOUSLY awaiting his age group “2 ½ to Kindergarten”, he stood on the sidelines with Daddy waiting for the “on your mark, get set, go!” and he was OFF! It looked like a stampede as all these children scrambled to pick up eggs that were scattered all over the grass. Jack was a pro at it! He scooped up eggs as Tim, Mason & I cheered him on from the sidelines. When all was said and done he had picked up about 15 eggs filled with candy (oh joy!).

The boys emptied their eggs and handed them back in to survey their winnings and gloat in their accomplishment. We hopped back into the stroller and on “Thunder”, Jack’s bike and headed home. Another Claymont Easter Egg Hunt was in the history books.