Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best Wishes For A First Time Mommy

Saturday night Tim and I had a date night - a movie and dinner. For dinner we went to Red Lobster. Nothing fancy... but somewhere that we don't normally go with the boys when we go out on Saturday nights. We got there and had to wait for a table so we found two seats at the bar and sat and talked and had a drink. I love to people watch and saw a waitress walking around with a full plate on her shoulder that looked to be about 8 months pregnant. I pointed her out and said something to Tim and his response was "I hope she gets some good tips!".

We sat down at our table and lo and behold who do we get as a waitress?? The pregnant one - what were the chances? When she left our table the first time I looked at Tim and said "We better tip her well!" and he just giggled with me.

I didn't want to use the old standard "When are you due?" question - that's too usual and boring so as we sat there and I saw her walking around as if she didn't have the big bump protruding from her front, I thought to myself......I wonder if that baby wakes up as soon as she gets home at night when her activity stops? So the next time she came to the table I asked; "So does that little one let you sleep after a hard nights work or does it wake up and have fun?" and she chuckled and said "Most of the time he sleeps well when I get home, he's pretty active tonight actually". Tim and I both said "Well that's good!" so then I said "How much longer do you have?" her response........"Um..... 2 weeks from Monday - the 23rd" I was amazed! She was 8 1/2 months pregnant and on her feet and waiting tables - and didn't seem phased that much! I was huge, swollen and a lumbering mess by the time I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my boys!

We ate out dinners, paid our bill and she said "Thank you for coming, I hope you enjoyed your dinner!" Tim and I both said "Good luck!" and she started to walk away. Tim quickly asked "Do you have other children?" and she said "No this is my first". Awww......a new Mommy, I thought to myself, have fun, it's awesome!

Something in me wanted to tell her how awesome of a ride she was about to get on so I took the itemized receipt that you get along with the credit card receipt and wrote "Being a Mommy is the BEST JOB in the whole world! Best of luck!" tucked it back into the folder and we left the table. Oh.....and we left her a 35% tip :o)


Kelly said...

Very cute! You are such a sweet person :-)

mommabelz said...

really! I got chills!! So sweet of you LIB!