Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home Improvement: Kid Style

Today we spent the morning up at the Parkway Early Childhood Center for a Parent's As Teachers Activity called "Home Improvement". The boys were in their element! Painting, building, sanding, tools....of course none of it foreign to them so they just jumped right in without any hesitation.

First we had to make our tool boxes (every one knows that you need a tool box to hold all of your tools!).....

Nice bedhead on Mason - huh?

And then we got busy with all of the other activities - building and hammering were first. Who would have thought that golf tees in styrofoam would be so fun to hammer?

Then came the BEST activites of all - PAINTING! OMG! Can you say fun? They just went at it and honestly, I didn't care what happened to their clothes - that's what Oxyclean is for! The first thing that came to mind was wondering how many parents had been sent into panic attacks by the sight of their child playing with PAINT! They had a great time and caught the eye of our Parent Educator, Pat Kissing, who just giggled when she saw the two of them painting away, happy as clams! (Okay so we won't be hiring them out to do any jobs for Tim yet, they need more practice!)

Please take note of the deep concentration on Masons face with his tounge sticking out!

Then we took some time out to clean up and do a little "construction" project - the boys built their own houses. Actually, the structure was built for them, they were able to add carpeting, wall paper, windows, doors and then Mommy or Daddy put on the roof for them.

Our last stop was the "Window Washing" station. A spray bottle, rag and squeegie and you'd think they had found the BEST TOYS EVER! I told Tim that at this pace, we might be able to put them outside when the weather warms up and have them wash the windows! (Ha Ha Ha). We had to finally tell them it was time to leave or they would STILL be there washing the window!

So now this has got me thinking about what kind of "Home Improvement Projects" that they can do for ME around the house - hummmmm - we do have a kitchen that needs finishing! Think they're up for the job!?!?


Anonymous said...

How Fun! Looks like they had a ball.
I DID notice Mason's hairdo ( just like his Uncle Hank looked in the am) and the tongue....really into the project.