Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do You See What We See?

If you don't know, we live in a very suburban part of St. Louis County. Our neighborhood is 650 homes and we don't have a lot of large wooded areas near by but they are in the vicinity. Unlike our last home, which sat on 3 acres of beautifully wooded land, seeing "wildlife" in our area, let alone our yard, is unusual to say the least.

Saturday was a nice mild day weather wise. The sun was out and it was probably in the 50's. A sneak peek of Spring in the early part of February. Well, the boys and I were busy doing stuff inside the house and Tim was feverishly working away on the kitchen preparing for our granite to be installed this Wednesday. The "family office area" has two windows that open up into our back yard and gives you a view up into the neighbors yard as well. Well something caught Tim's eye and caused him to look up and out of the windows. Do you see what he saw?

All of a sudden I hear a "Lib, come here! Quick!" and I grabbed Jack from the computer room and went running to the kitchen (I had a funny feeling SOMETHING was outside that wasn't supposed to be there) and looked out the patio door - DEER! Four of them! Two Does and two yearlings - out for a stroll and some breakfast most likely. Just enjoying the nice weather and didn't realize how far off their beaten path they roamed.

They boys were amazed! They've never seen deer in our yard like that before. Tim and I have seen a few, but like I said, they are NOT a common occurrence.

Mason said "Just like Santa's reindeer, Mommy!" and Tim and I chuckled. The four of us stood very still in the kitchen windows watching them graze and could tell they knew we were there. I got my camera and quietly slid open the patio door to see if I could snap a few pictures before they took off. They just stood and stared.

Mason and Jack eventually wandered out onto the patio and we said "shhhhh, see if they'll stay" and they did. Staring at us as intently as we were staring at them. The yearlings looked interested. Like they weren't quite sure what to think of us. You could see their heads bob around the shrub bushes to try to keep an eye on us and one of the does would stomp her foot as to say "Stay away from our children".

We could have stood and watched each other for an hour but we had things to do and so did they. All of a sudden, they threw their white tails in the air and bounced off across the neighbors fence line for.....I don't know where? Mason said they were either headed to "Shump-way" (aka Subway) or "Old McDonalds" (McDonald's) for some lunch. Ha Ha Ha!


Anonymous said...

Boy! Were they lost or what? The mommies need a GPS......they must have been really hungry!