Friday, June 27, 2008

I Survived - I'm Two Teeth Lighter

I remember sitting in the chair in the room and the Dr talking to me about how much "STUFF" I must have to transport having two small children and then I woke up in the little recovery room with Tim next to me. I slept yesterday from about 12:30 until 7pm. I woke up once (or twice I can't remember) to eat some pudding, take my Vicodin and that was it. I tried to eat some yogurt and jello last night to take my medicine again and almost got sick to my stomach so I took to tylenol PM and went back to bed. I've had ice packs on my face since we left the Drs yesterday. He said that removal wouldn't be a huge deal but that my teeth on this side don't line up properly so there's a chance I may have to have another tooth pulled later on (we'll see) if it moves down b/c there is not another tooth below it.

The boys have been so wonderful. They are very concerned about me and Mason keeps saying "Mouse hurt"? Both of them will kiss me gently and then leave me alone but were coming back to our room periodically to check on me. Tim's been a saint too. As much as I hate to be "out of commission" like this, it's nice to know I have a VERY CAPABLE husband and children that behave themselves when they need to. Makes things much easier on me.

Today, I'm home just laying low. Am working on my second cup of luke warm coffee (so that I could take some Motrin) and then am going to TRY to watch some of the shows that I've DVR'd while Tim and David work on the new kitchen behind me (may be a pipe dream as I'll have to hear over saws, hammers and the what not).

As far as I can tell, my jaw just aches. I don't see any swelling or bruising so I'm hoping that I'm not going to have to deal with that and look like I'm storing nuts in my mouth like a chipmunk preparing for the winter. I guess we'll see how today plays out.

So that's it. Thanks to great anesthesia, I dont' remember a thing - just like I wanted it!


mrsmac said...

Glad you made it through it and hope the pain goes away soon!