Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Must Be Exhausting!

I have come to the conclusion that being a child must be exhausting. Not from the playing, romping, and just carefree having fun that they do every day but from the activity that their brains encounter on a minute to minute basis. Every minute of their life is a new experience. They are seeing things, touching things, smelling things, experiencing things they have never been in contact with before. Their thoughts are racing faster than their (or even OUR) brains and bodies can keep up with.

Case in point (and what made me come to this conclusion) - last night was a very, well should I say, ACTIVE, night for us. Bedtime was a loooooong drawn our process for some reason. Mason took about 45 minutes to go to sleep and Jack, over an HOUR!

After 30 minutes of restlessness and being up and down not able (or not wanting to go to bed), Tim finally agreed to go in and lay down next to Jack to help him settle. As they lay in the dark of the boys room, listening to the CD player quietly playing it's series of lullabies, Jack continued to flip and flop trying to get comfortable. All of a sudden he sat up straight and then leaned over and put his nose smack dab in Tim's face and said "Daddy, remember a long long time ago when I went trick or treating?" in a very enthusiastic tone of voice to which Tim whispered "Yea, I do Jack". Expecting Jack to finish his sentence, Tim just waited for the pearl of wisdom to come out of Jack's mouth and was surprised when he just lay back down and closed his eyes and went to sleep.

This was the story that Tim told to me this morning as I was getting dressed to go to work and it made me giggle to myself. Being a child must be exhausting. All of the thoughts racing through their heads that they want SOMEONE to share them with. That was just one of those thoughts......random at that, but something memorable and that has now become a part of who he will be when he grows up.