Monday, June 30, 2008

Watch Out Tiger & Phil, Here We Come!

It's been since January 2004 that Tim and I have picked up our golf clubs. Golfing was something that I learned in order to "fit in" to the Riley family and have something that Tim and I could do together that we both enjoyed. Well, Jack and Mason have both begun to show interest in golf as well, as we walk down to the Ballwin Golf Course 3-4 times a week on our nightly walks.

Tim and I have talked about teaching the boys how to play when they get "older" and with Jack's insistence, Tim went out and bought the boys their first set of clubs this weekend. They aren't anything fancy. Just plastic ones. A driver, an iron and a putter along with a few golf balls to practice with.

Last night we held the Riley Open in our backyard to try out the new sticks and see what kind of future golfers we have on our hands. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

First Mommy showed Jack how to hit the ball

Please notice the nice form that he has!

Then Mason took his turn Okay, so he has the form of a hockey player, not a golfer. We'll work on that!

Then Daddy took a try at his shot

And ended up teaching Jack about finding your ball in the rough

So what I can I say? Tiger & Phil, watch out! Jack and Mason Riley are ready to hit the circut - someday you might face them in a PGA Tournament!!!


Amanda said...

You look like a golfer!