Monday, June 23, 2008

Same Stuff....Different Weekend!

It's hard to believe, but I actually didn't pick up my camera this past weekend (other than to take a few pictures of our windows w/ curtains)- so sorry for no new pictures. We had the standard weekend for our house, here's a run down.

Swimming lessons on Saturday morning turned out to be better than our first lesson. With our swimming in Mississippi last weekend, it helped the boys make the transition back to the indoor pool a bit easier. Jack was more willing to get in this time and did a great job of kicking on his tummy and paddling with his hands. Mommy dunked him under the water one time which resulted in screams and tears for about 4 minutes and then he was fine. Mason couldn't climb high enough on Daddy to get away from the water but eventually got up to his shoulders but NEVER LET GO of Daddy until he was back in the shallow water. Every week will hopefully get better. Our goal out of the 8 weeks is to just get the boys comfortable in the water and not afraid of it. We don't expect miracles.

Saturday night we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants, Red Robin, for dinner and then trips to Home Depot and Lowes to find supplies for Daddy to move ceiling fans in the rooms but were unsuccessful to find what he needed (FIGURES).

Sunday was very typical for us. Weekly trip to the grocery store, laundry and misc chores around the house. Mommy got to go get her nails and toes done for her hour of "Mommy Time". Grandma Marilyn came for a visit to see us before she and Grandpa Rick head to Colorado the beginning of July - it was nice to see her. BBQ for dinner, a walk down to the golf course to look for stray golf balls, baths and then to bed.

All in all a good weekend! No major melt downs. The boys actually played by themselves in their room for about 45 minutes on Saturday. Jack was the "Daddy" and Mason was the "Brother" and Tim and I just sat and enjoyed listening over the monitor wishing they could play that well ALL THE TIME! That's it for now! Thanks for checking on us!