Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TOTALLY Dreading Tomorrow!

16 years ago, I had my left two wisdom teeth removed. I asked my Mom recently WHY I didn't all four removed at that time but she didn't know. Tomorrow, I have the pleasure of heading to the Oral Surgeon to have my two remaining wisdom teeth removed. Oh Joy! I have been dreading this for the past 3 weeks.

I have NEVER had problems with my teeth until I had the boys. I guess two pregnancies and nursing two babies really does suck the calcium out of your body b/c at my past two check-ups I have had cavities that have needed to be filled. This last check-up, it was discovered that my wisdom teeth had cavities in them and instead of filling them, my wonderful Dentist, Dr. Kevin Postol, said they needed to be removed.

Now I am not scared of pain. I have had two babies, had lasik surgery, had my hand slammed in a car door in college, and endured a wonderful bladder surgery that resulted in fun complications, but when it comes to my mouth.....I'm a whimp!!! I am petrified! Completly scared to death. I don't like being "out of commission" and not able to function. I don't like the boys seeing me not feeling well, nor not being able to help Tim. Yes, I am human and not Super Mommy, but it's just NOT something that I'm looking forward to.

So after tonight, it's nothing to eat or drink before my surgery (I've requested to be knocked on the head with a ballpeen hammer so that I'm not conscious for any of it) and then it will be soup, pudding, jello and anything else soft that I can handle. I guess the only benefit of this is that it may help me drop those last 7 pounds that are so stubbon and won't leave my body! Wish me luck!!!


Amanda said...

Yeah but think of the great drugs they'll prescribe you! :)

Thanks for the compliments on Savy. I just think she gets prettier and prettier every day. But I'm her mom- I'm supposed to think those things.

mrsmac said...

good luck tomorrow!!!!

Anonymous said...

Blame the dentist, not me :) Now why would you think I could have total recall from when you were 16???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Drugs are good...enjoy them. It will be easier than hip surgery for sure.
I know you will be just fine,but not having control is not fun!


Kelly said...

Good luck!!!! I hope it goes well for you!!