Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three Year Check-Up

I always love going to the boys check-up appointments. It's so nice to go to the Pediatrician for no other reason to find out GOOD stuff about one of the boys. For the longest time, we were literally at the Pediatrician's office once a week, with one of the boys for sick visits (At one point I asked how many visits it took to get our FREE visit!). The frequency of those visits has of course slowed down significantly (which is nice) but I so enjoy seeing Dr. Laquita Graham, who has cared for both Jack and Mason since their first days.

Mason had a GREAT check-up today. He was so relaxed and comfortable with Dr. Graham. He carried on somewhat of a conversation with her and showed her how he can spell his name for her, name his colors and count to 10. Tim and I were of course, very proud of him!

As for his stats:
Height - 37 1/4" (45th%)
Weight - 31 lbs (45th%)

Last year his stats were:
Height - 36" (85th%) I think that was a bit generous - he grew more than 1 1/4"!Weight - 27 lbs (45th%)

Only thing that we left with requiring a follow up is that we will be having Mason tested for allergies. The poor kid CONSTANTLY has sinus issues so we're going to see if there's something up that might be causing them. Other than that.....he's good to go for another year!

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