Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Visit From The Binky Fairy

When Jack turned three years old, Tim and I decided that it was time for the binky, that he had become so attached to as an infant, to go away. I had heard from a friend that she had her child mail their binky off to the Binky Fairy when the time came to make the transition as smooth as possible; so we figured we'd give it a go when the time came. With Jack, it was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! (here's my blog entry about it HERE)

Well, with Mason, we have been through the same process. About two months ago we started prepping him for it by telling him that when he turned three that he wouldn't be a baby anymore and that only babies needed binkies. So, when it was time, we'd send his binky to the Binky Fairy so she could give it to a new baby to use. He has seemed okay with the whole thing. He's got his "blues" that are his blankets and he's more attached to them than he is with binky (Binky is not allowed out of his room, where the "Blues" are).

Tonight was the night.......we addressed the envelope to the Binky Fairy and had the ceremonial "putting the binky in the envelope" and then took it out to the mail box and put the flag up so the Binky Fairy would know that it was in there for her.

Here's it is in pictures for you! I'm so proud of him - he did it with NO ISSUES! bedtime goes tonight may be another story but we'll see.....check back for an update tomorrow!

WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: I can't tell you how proud we are of Mason! Last night went amazingly well. He wimpered ONCE to Tim when they were reading a book about Binky but Tim was able to quickly change his focus and that was the last that we heard about it. He slept ALL NIGHT LONG without a peep. Yes, that was only night one, but it just goes to show us that he was ready! It was time! We've never been ones to rush ANYTHING in our lives (those of you who know us well can atest to that) and that has always been our philosophy when it comes to parenting. It seems to work for us!

So I can shout a big YIPEE!!!! We are Binky FREE!!!!

P.S. - Yes, I did run out to the mail box and get the envelope after everyone was asleep so that I can save it to show him when he's older!

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Hank said...

Yeah Mason! Nice work big guy! We love you!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Libby and Tim!!!! Your child has gotten you through another milestone in your lives. Remember...........this is the easy part :) Someday those words will echo in your ears when they start dating, driving or you not knowing where they are in the middle of the night :( :(


Kelly said...

YEAH!!! GOOD JOB! That's awesome news!

Jennifer said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! We had a "Bye Bye Bottle!" party for Ethan. :-)